36″x46″ Wire Decking

36″x46″ Wire Decking – Used Waterfall, Galvanized, 32 in stock now!

$9.95 each

44″x46″ Wire Decking

44″x46″ Wire Decking – Used
3-40 3/8″ U-Channel Supports
92 in stock 12/30/16

$10.95 each

*While supplies last

Wire decking is an excellent addition to any pallet rack systems as it increases the stability of the beams and improves safety. To name a few Pros: wire deck offers increased access to overhead fire suppression systems, provides extra protection from falling debris, and allows for better visibility for your staff. Rack Men stocks wide varieties of new and used wire deck to outfit most pallet rack systems. Our stock inventory is full of the industries most trusted brands including Nashville Wire, Husky Rack and Wire, and more! So you can relax knowing that your wire decks are of the highest quality, durability, and are made in the USA. If you are looking for specific dimensions and quantities of used wire decking contact us as our entire inventory is not online. We also stock competitively new wire decking. Call today to levitate your product!