Push back racking is a type of 3D pallet storage. This metal shelving is designed to store pallets two to six pallet positions deep. Each pallet is loaded onto a wheeled cart. The cart is built into a load rail track. The rails are slightly angled forward this allows gravity to move the heavy pallet loads. The forklift operator sets the first pallet onto the cart. To place the second pallet into the rack, the forklift driver touches the second pallet to the first pallet. The driver then pushes the first pallet back, exposing the number two cart, which he or she can then place the pallet on the number two cart position. The forklift operator continues loading pallets into the rack until the lane is full.

When removing the pallet from the rack, as the driver backs out the remaining pallets roll forward so that the next available pallet is accessible. NOTE: the forklift operator is the breaks of the pushback system. The forklift operator needs to remove the pallet slowly from the pushback system. If the forklift operator were to back up too quickly, the next pallet rolling down the track could create enough momentum to cause an accident. The unit load rotation for pushback rack systems is first in last out (FILO) per lane.

Photograph featuring cart dynamic on pushback track

3d storage 

Pushback pallet rack system showing carts in a nested position.

Pushback Rack, RackMen Equipment Company