36″ x 168” Used Keystone Upright
3″ x 1-5/8″ Column, Blue
(7) In Stock 06/22/2020

$64.95 each


36″ x 192” Used Keystone Upright
3″ x 1-5/8″ Column, Gray
(35) In Stock 06/22/2020

$74.95 each


42″ x 192” Used Keystone Upright
3″ x 1-5/8″ Column, Gray
(16) In Stock 06/22/2020

$75.95 each


2” x 96.75” Used Keystone Step Beam
2″ Face, Green, 3/4″ Step
(64) In Stock 06/22/2020

$12.95 each


4” x 96″ Used Keystone Step Beam
4″ Face, yellow, gray, orange
(750) In Stock 06/22/2020

$19.95 each


4.5” x 108” Used Keystone Step Beam
4.5″ Face, gray
(64) In Stock 06/22/2020

$22.95 each

*Used equipment is available while supplies last

Listed above is an assortment of Used Keystone Pallet Rack also referred to as Republic Style Pallet Rack. These Keystone Step Beams and Uprights are in stock in our Cartersville, GA warehouse. Rack Men is constantly buying and selling used keystone pallet racking. The result? Our used inventory is always changing. If you do not see the quantities or dimensions that you are looking for, please give us a call as our entire inventory is not listed online. In addition to Used Keystone Pallet Rack, we stock New Tear Drop Pallet Rack and used pallet racking of various styles including but not limited to Tear Drop, Penco, Sturdibilt, T-Bolt, Speed Rack, Structural Bolt Up, and Cantilever Racking. Contact us for your free estimate and if you have any questions feel free to chat, email, or call for some complimentary rack education today!