Trying to determine which storage solution best suits your need? Then you have come to the right place. Let’s start with your smaller items. You know the ones, the hand stackables. If your material is hand stackable, you have several options to choose from:


Steel Clip Adjustable Shelving is available with Open / Sway Braced or Closed / Solid Paneled sides and backs in a variety of depths, widths, and heights. Common shelving depths are: 12″, 18″, and 24″D. Common shelving widths are: 30″, 36″ ,42″, and 48″W. Common shelving heights are: 73″, 85″, 97″, and 121″H. Shelving is typically is your lowest capacity option when it comes to warehouse storage equipment. Your shelving can be constructed out of solid steel or it can be constructed out of wire as seen in Nexel Wire Shelving which is also known as Baker’s Racks.

Nexel Wire Shelving is NSF (National Science Foundation) approved for its use in technology, healthcare, and food service fields. The wire component promotes airflow and limits dust. Wire shelving comes in a variety of coatings. The most popular being the chrome finish which provides a nice clean look for both commercial displays and industrial applications.


Rivet Rack is the intermediate between hand stack shelving and pallet racking. It typically provides a more capacity per shelf level when compared to shelving and less when compared to pallet racking. Rivet Rack deck options are composite wood decking or wire decking.


Pallet racking is the industrial grade storage systel that be used to store your hand stackables on and your full sized pallets – depending on the dimensions you choose. If you plan to use pallet racking for hand stacking, you have a variety of dimensions to choose from. Standard pallet rack depths are 24″, 36″, 42″, and 48″D. Standard pallet rack heights are 96″, 120″, 144″, 192″, and 240″H. Standard pallet rack beam length options are: 48″, 96″, 108″, 120″, and 144″L. Pallet racking provides the highest capacity option for your storage needs, allowing you to store over 1,000+ lbs per level with uniform load distribution.

We sell commercial racks, storage racks and industrial steel shelving – bulk and closed. Get clip adjustable shelving, nexel shelving systems, cantilever racking and rivet rack shelving from Rack Men.

We offer a large assortment of industrial strength shelving.

  • Steel, Clip Adjustable Shelving. Standard sizes: 12″ to 36″ deep x 36″ to 48″ wide, with heights 6′ to 16′ tall.
  • Nexel Wire Shelving, NSF Approved for Food. Standard sizes: 12″ to 36″ deep, 36″ to 60″ wide, with heights 5′ to 8′ tall.
  • Rivet Rack Shelving, Steel structure with either wood or wire decking. Standard sizes: 12″ to 48″ deep x 36″ to 96″ wide x 7 to 16′ tall.
  • Bulk Storage Rack, Steel structure with either wood or wire decking.

We carry brands such as: Republic, Tennsco, Wester Pacific Deluxe, Penco, Interroyal, Rivetier and more!

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Disclaimer: Shelving and Rivet Racking is for hand picking and loading only. Shelving should never be loaded with a forklift.

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