Carton flow operates on an inclined racking system. The product rotation is first in, first out (FIFO). The product can be loaded on one side and picked up from the opposite. Carton flow can be utilized in a pushback style where the product rotation would be first in, last out (FILO). When the product is withdrawn from the system, the next load automatically moves forward. Carton flow provides fast access to product and proper circulation of materials. A carton flow racking system can incorporate your choice of wheels or rollers. There are different types of carton flow racking systems:

  • Spantrack-The roller conveyor hangs from pallet rack beams.
  • Interroll Carton flow bed, Kingway and Quick Pick: Use a tray system with plastic rollers and guides. With this system, the product can effectively glide over the rollers.
  • VersiFlow is a system of plastic rollers and guides.
Span Track